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That Thinks Differently

Q: How can Employment Counseling help me?
A: It can help you investigate the complex decision to return to work after acquiring a disability.  


Q: Can I work with you in my State?

A: Yes, no matter where you live in the USA,

Step by Step Employment Services can help

you return to work.


Q: Why would an employer consider hiring

me with my disability?

A: Because you possess the knowledge and

skills that an employer needs in order to get

their job done.


Q: What can I do now? I can't do what I

used to do anymore due to my disability?

A: We can perform a transferrable skills

evaluation to determine your best

options when you become

our client.


Q: How do I explain a long period of unemployment? Should I discuss my disability during the interview?  

A: Employers are incentivized to work

with you due to Federal Employment Law.  

Feel free to be honest but make sure the emphasis is on the job to be performed, not on your disability.